We are not prepared for the romances of Baldur’s Gate 3: TikTok canceled Larian’s live show by showing the sex scene with the bear

The romances of Baldur’s Gate 3 are going to be quite controversial to broadcast or watch, proof of this is that TikTok canceled the Larian Studios live show when showing the sex scene with the bear.

Larian updated Baldur’s Gate 3 in PCSteam Deck and PS5 recently, but its Panel from Hell It has left torrid moments. And of all of them, a romance that ended in sex with a druid in the form of a bear has buried her TikTok.

He Larian Studios game It left the internet and its live audience speechless and with exclamations, which serves to anticipate its premiere on August 3 for computers and September 6 on PlayStation 5.

But this event has served to show the Baldur’s Gate 3 launch trailer with many other moments, details with the graphics engine and the return of some mechanics… although it has made the bear much bigger.

The sexual scene left everyone (including a squirrel) surprised and stunned, as seen in the video. After all, we had to show all the possible romance scenes in the game and this is one of them.

Although in the first romance everything was quite dull with a protagonist on his first date with Karlach – one of the companions in the game -, all that changed quickly.

After the scene with Karlach, Larian decided to show “other side of the spectrum“as for Baldur’s Gate 3 romances. But to do this, they let the chat and the public make the decisions on the scene.

In BG3 it seems that everything is going to be possible, the RPG aims high

This time the player character in the form of Astarion had a romantic encounter with the Druid Halsin, but the shapeshifter becomes very excited and ends up transforming into a bear.

Upon returning to his normal form, Halsin apologizes and before the next option, Swen Vincke -from Larian- pointed out: “Everything revolves around the choice and its consequences“.

And when you see yourself in the first option “Do not apologize. I like“, naturally, the entire audience eulogized it. Automatically, Halsin transformed again and the sexual encounter bore fruit…

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The reactions were a mix of shock, confusion and the rest mixed together. Some comments as collected by Dexerto are “I guess the furries are going to eat well” either “Every day we move further away from God“; always in a joking tone, of course.

From Larian They have said that TikTok canceled their live show and even the director Michael Douse He said that their account was banned. Despite this, it was worth it because many future RPG players already know that they have FULL freedom of choice.

Yes indeed, We are not ready for the romances of Baldur’s Gate 3 and proof of this is that Tiktok canceled all of Larian by showing the sex scene with the bear.

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