Nintendo confirms an Indie World for November 14: schedule, where to see it and duration

By surprise, Nintendo confirms the celebration of a new Indie World, an event that will show new indies that will arrive on Nintendo Switch in the coming months.

Good news for lovers of indies. They may not be so spectacular technically, but they usually stand out when it comes to playability, and that’s not to mention their artistic direction and innovative proposals. This time, from the hand of Nintendo.

Yes, in a few hours a new one will be celebrated Indie World, the event that Nintendo dedicates to indies coming to its Nintendo Switch console. Let us remember that the last one was held on April 19.

A few months have passed since then, and I’m sure Nintendo wants to surprise us with a new string of announcements for Nintendo Switch… with an eye on its successor.

It will be tomorrow, Tuesday, November 14, when the new Indie World will be celebrated in style. The most optimistic are already thinking about Hollow Knight: Silksong, the long-awaited title from Team Cherry.

Next, we tell you all the details already confirmed for tomorrow’s Indie World, November 14regarding its duration, schedule and possible contents.

Indie World on November 14: duration, schedule and more details

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Tomorrow could be a big day for Nintendo Switch users. Without prior notice, Nintendo has announced the celebration of a new Indie World, the event dedicated to the ”nindies” that will arrive on the hybrid console in the coming months.

The new Indie World will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, November 14and can be followed live on Nintendo’s YouTube channel.

Regarding Spanish time, Nintendo has confirmed that the event starts at 18:00 Spanish peninsular time tomorrow, so you can now write it down in your notebooks.

Of course, don’t expect a large event. Tomorrow’s Indie World will have a estimated duration of 20 minuteswith exciting announcements for the rest of the year… and for 2024.

A new IndieWorld presentation will air at 18:00 (PET) on 11-14! Don’t miss about 20 minutes of information about new releases and updates of indie games coming to Nintendo Switch”.

We still don’t know what awaits us. However, some interesting rumors are already circulating on social networks, which could come true.

A good example is Outer Wilds, the space exploration game from Mobius Digital and Annapurna, which was announced for Switch over two years ago. According to a recent rumor, the title is very close to the hybrid console.

Nor can we lose track of Hades IIthe long-awaited game from Supergiant Games, which will arrive sometime in 2024 on Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario RPG

What’s more, he could even show his paw Hollow Knight: Silksong, one of the great wishes of the players. We pray that Team Cherry’s title is not in danger due to the controversies that have arisen around Unity.

What do you expect from tomorrow’s Nintendo Indie World? Starting at 18:00 Spanish time, we will discover new indies coming to Nintendo Switch in the coming months. Remember that the event can be followed live here.

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