Hogwarts Legacy Guide and Tricks

The number of people who are totally captivated by the universe of Harry Potter created by JK Rowling, but until now the adaptations to videogames that we had had had been limited to very fun proposals but within developments designed for the younger audience and without a marked playable strength.

But things have changed with Hogwarts Legacyan action role-playing game developed for the main platforms, and which is set in this Harry Potter universe that has hooked us so much, and now with a deeper and more elaborate proposal.

That is why, due to the immensity of Hogwarts Legacy, it is essential to have a guide that can guide us in those first hours where we are measuring the learning curve.

So we are going to give you the best tips and tricks to complete hogwarts Legacy practically in its entirety, and to make the adventure as magical as possible.

Hogwarts Legacy: tips, tricks and everything you need to know to complete the game 100%

The Harry Potter game we’ve all been waiting for

Hogwarts Legacy is that game An immersive role-playing game in the open world that the user community had been asking for for many years now, and that includes that magical universe of the Harry Potter saga books.

On this occasion, Hogwarts Legacy is set in the 19th century where we will play a student with the idea of ​​unraveling a threat that wants to destroy the magical world.

Plot and first steps

In a narrative set in the 1890s we will begin as a student in the fifth year. We must complete the sections that the Ministry of Magic gives us initially, and this is done through exploration, obtaining additional information and obtaining experience points.

Our wizard is capable of manipulating ancient magic, and he must help discover why forgotten magic has resurfaced and what it entails, in order to try to prevent the destruction of the kingdom.

Hogwarts Legacy

We can create the character at the beginning of the adventure, choosing his appearance, house and gender. You can customize your body type and add accessories.

As we progress, we will be given access to better spells, talents, and abilities.

This is achieved through in-game challenges by earning experience points to level up. The most common challenges are the combat ones, but there are also exploration ones, and those that come from the field guide pages and the room of Requirement.

As we progress we will learn to cast new magic spells, prepare many other potions and master combat skills.

We will also be able to attend classes, more as part of the plot, and acquire combat elements through trade and processing, unlocking them with experience points.

You will also be able to make friends with other characters, something that will unlock new abilities for you, even the occasional secondary mission that you must discover.

essential features

In Hogwarts Legacy we will be able to explore an open world through Hogwarts Castle, Hogsmade, The Forbidden Forest and absolutely all the lands that surround them.

We will be able to be the magician we want and customize it, being able to learn spells, make potions, grow plants and even take care of fantastic animals.

Hogwarts Legacy

We will have our own house, also forge relationships and even learn skills according to the characters we meet.

We will have all those magical enemies that we have loved from novels and movies such as trolls, dark wizards, goblins and much more.

Hogwarts Legacy Guide and Tricks

Our first recommendation is that you review our article on the 11 things you should know before you start playing Hogwarts Legacy, because it will help you in those first hours.

At first we are going to have a lot of doubts, so we have created an article so that you know which house to choose, giving you each of the differences, including how to change houses.

Hogwarts Legacy

There will also be doubts regarding the magic wand, and we help you choose the right one taking into account the core, its flexibility or the length.

Likewise, the possibility of changing the time, since the title has day and night cycles, and you may be interested in changing it at will for the appearance of certain creatures and missions.

Once you get the room of requirements, you will be able to customize it, but also many other things.

Hogwarts Legacy

As you will have seen in the videos, one of the essential elements is the broom, and we tell you exactly how to get it.

In addition to the broom, it is essential that we obtain the hippogriff so that we can fly with it.

As you take a few hours, you will see a series of doors with numbers and we tell you how to open them.

You will also find a series of eye chests, and we give you the procedure so that you can open them.

Hogwarts Legacy

Although you will already have quite a few spells, we have given you the list of all available spells and how to unlock each of them.

Also the list of all the Daedalus keys that exist, a hidden mission that you surely do not want to miss.

And if you have been wondering if you can visit the famous Azkaban prison, we have answered all your questions.

So with this compendium of tricks you already have everything you need, not only for those first hours of play, but also for the rest of the adventure and for which you will surely appreciate.

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