Guide and Cheats of Legends Pokémon Arceus: how to complete the pokédex, all the secrets and best strategies

Through our Pokémon Arceus Legends guide, we not only offer you the best methods to earn money or expand inventory space, but also the keys so you can capture each of the available creatures, more than 200 Pokémon that are now going to be yours

After many years of waiting, finally the community of users who love the Pokémon license will be able to enjoy a title with great freedom of movement, which allows them to capture all those creatures from a new perspective to complete their Pokédex.

And it is that pokemon arceus legends It is a technical and playable advance in regards to the series, and offers greater complexity when it comes to interacting with the world, capturing creatures or facing many other trainers.

That is why in this Pokemon Arceus Legends guide We are not only going to tell you about the main features of this new installment, but we are also going to bring you together in one place all those necessary tricks for you to prosper in the adventure, and we even explain how to obtain certain secret creatures so that you can definitively complete the Pokédex. .

Guide and Cheats of Legends Pokémon Arceus: how to complete the pokédex, all the secrets and best strategies

A story that goes much further than ever

Thanks to Legends Pokémon Arceus we are transferred to the region of hisuithe one we know more recently as Sinnoh.

This majestic region, where creatures are still learning to live with humans, stands out for having Mount Corona in the center and being surrounded by areas with truly varied environments. Best of all, each of these areas has its own natural features and is home to different Pokémon ecosystems.

Among all these ecosystems, the obsidian prairie is full of flowers, lush vegetation and many creatures.

pokemon arceus legends

But we must also stop at Jubilee Villawhich is our base of operations, and which is made up of people from various regions.

It is the base of operations for Team Galaxy, made up of various divisions such as medical, security, and research, all of which are in charge of studying how Pokémon live.

Obviously in Villa Jubilee you will also be able to find many more services and institutions such as the barter post so you can exchange creatures with other players.

Main characters

pokemon arceus legends
  • Selections to Kira or select to lukayou will join the research division of the galaxy team and your mission will be to know each of the Pokémon species from every corner of the region to complete the Pokédex.
  • On the other hand we have Professor Lavender that he is a member of the research division and that he is conducting a study on how Poémon live and that he wants you to create a complete Pokédex.
  • To highlight the General Sorbus that he is the visible head of the galaxy team and that he is tremendously demanding.
  • We also have the Captain Selena that she is the leader of the research division of this galaxy team, that she is also very strict, and that she will demand the most from you because she knows that you have potential.
  • You will also interact with lina who takes care of a very particular Wyrdeer in the obsidian prairie.
  • nambo he is taking care of Kleavor, and that despite his youth he shows that he is very talented and cold-blooded.
  • It will also play a special role Erio who lives near the sea and who is in charge of taking care of a very special Basculegion although he is a rather scared person.
  • It also has a lot of prominence diamond clan and pearl clan who pay their respects to special Pokémon known as Lord Pokémon. They appoint guardians whose mission is to take care of these creatures.

main challenges

pokemon arceus legends

In addition to complete the Pokedex You will have to explore and carry out each of the investigations to earn the trust of the leaders of the Diamond Clan and the Pearl Clan, in order to unravel the mysteries surrounding Arceus.

You should also investigate the space-time fissure that has appeared on mount corona that has dyed the sky in an unnatural tone and where the public is quite afraid of this phenomenon.

You should also inquire about the mysterious temple on top of the mountain itselfwhich is full of statues of Pokémon, which has special protection including that of the lordly Pokémon.

Guide and tricks of Legends Pokémon Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus

Before you start to solve each of the mysteries and challenges, it is convenient that you learn the best techniques to capture Pokémon in a fairly simple way.

Although capturing Pokémon in a very simple way will give us a lot of money, we have also given you the best methods to amass a large amount of money in your games.

While we are capturing creatures we are going to fill our inventory of objects, and you must know the best method that exists to expand the inventory space, and you are going to need a lot of money.

Pokemon Arceus Legends

So that your games are much more entertaining, and you can catch good screenshots, we offer you the shortcut so that you can unlock the first person view.

We have more than 200 creatures to complete the Pokédex, and we have already offered you the most complete list of all the creatures of Pokémon Arceus Legends and how to obtain each of them, including the secret ones.

pokemon arceus legends

Of all these creatures you should know those that you can take completely as a gift, as long as you meet a series of requirements.

In addition to creatures, you are also going to have to amass quite a few objects in your games, and we want to recommend some that are great and that you have probably left aside.

With all the previous base, your experience in the series and our recommendations and tricks, it is more than enough for you to complete absolutely all the missions and above all get hold of each of the creatures present in Pokémon Arceus Legends.

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